NeuroVet provides specialised services to facilitate diagnosis of the wide range of neurological problems that affect dogs and cats. Ian Douglas works in close communication with your regular veterinarian to ensure continuity of the best possible care of your pet.
Ian Douglas NeuroVet

Neurological assessment

During the first appointment, Ian will perform an initial neurological examination of your pet.​ After this assessment, he will discuss with you the options with respect to diagnostic tests and/or treatment.

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Digital radiography

This technology enables the rapid production of high-quality X-Ray images - of particular significance in spinal radiography and myelography, which require multiple images to be obtained in the shortest possible tim​​​​​​​​​e.

Ian Douglas NeuroVet
Cerebrospinal fluid sampling and analysis

​This procedure is performed to assist in diagnosis of diseases, including meningitis, which affect the coverings of the brain and / or spinal cord.

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Advanced imaging

NeuroVet is the first veterinary clinic in South Australia equipped with a Magnetic Resonance Imaging suite (Vet MRI).


​Veterinary MRI allows visualisation of many conditions that evade diagnosis with other techniques. It is the preferred  form of imaging in the vast majority of neurological and  spinal conditions.

​"In-house" MRI enables our patients to receive immediate and appropriate imaging whenever necessary, without the risks associated with less advanced imaging modalities or the need to transport the patient to an alternate imaging facility. This is especially important in the evaluation of acute brain and spinal disease, as prompt diagnosis can greatly improve outcomes in such cases.

​​MRI is also of great value in the examination of the orbit (eye socket) and the middle and inner ear and in the investigation of intrapelvic disease.​ CT scans can also be arranged when indicated.

Ian Douglas NeuroVet
Nerve and muscle biopsy

These procedures can be of great assistance in determining the cause of some cases of weakness in dogs and cats.