Commonly diagnosed conditions

NeuroVet is able to assist with diagnosis of the full range of neurological and neurosurgical problems in dogs and cats. Conditions regularly diagnosed at NeuroVet include : The
Veterinary Neurology, Veterinary Neurosurgery, Adelaide, Vet MRI, Adelaide

Disc disease

Disc-related spinal pain and weakness are common problems in dogs of all types, but especially small breeds.

Happily, with accurate diagnosis and appropriate management​, the vast majority of patients make an excellent recovery following treatment.​

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As in humans, seizures in pets can be manifest as something as apparently minor as a brief episode of tremor, or as dramatic as collapse followed by violent limb/body movements.

As there are a wide range of causes of seizure, prompt and accurate diagnosis is essential if appropriate treatment is to be commenced and the best possible outcome achieved.​​

Veterinary Neurology, Veterinary Neurosurgery, Adelaide, Vet MRI, Adelaide


Inflammatory disease involving the coverings of the brain and/or spinal cord can cause a wide range of neurological signs and also spinal pain, in both cats and dogs.

Following accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment can often lead to sustained remission, with patients returning to good quality life for long periods.

Veterinary MRI

Developmental diseases


With the advent of advanced imaging techniques, available at NeuroVet, many developmental conditions, including Chiari-like disease, hydrocephaly and hemivertebra can be accurately evaluated and appropriate treatment recommended.

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Spinal trauma

The most common cause of spinal trauma in dogs and cats is road accident. To minimise this risk, all pets should be confined to the owner's property when not supervised, and should be restrained on a leash when taken for walks.

Spinal fracture and dislocations can be managed with good results, as long as there is not irreparable damage to the spinal cord or nerve roots. Although surgery is often indicated, non-surgical management is an option in many instances.

Veterinary Neurology, Veterinary Neurosurgery, Adelaide, Vet MRI, Adelaide

Brain, spinal and nerve tumours

​Prior to the availability of veterinary MRI, diagnosis of neurological tumours was rarely possible in early stage disease. By the time diagnosis was made, the problem was advanced and the prognosis poor irrespective of the mode of management.

MRI enables much earlier diagnosis and treatment - and the longterm outlook of patients has much improved.