Ian Douglas, Neurovet, Veterinary MRI, Adelaide


Please note:   NeuroVet will be closed from the 23rd April until the12th September 2022, as Ian Douglas is on extended leave. Should you wish his advice with respect to a patient previously under his care, please email: ian@neurovet.com.au

NeuroVet is a dedicated veterinary neurology service - the only such facility in South Australia.

Our extensive diagnostic facilities enable us to evaluate and recommend appropriate treatment for neurological problems in dogs, cats and other small animals, referred to us by veterinary practices in South Australia, western Victoria and NSW and the Northern Territory.
We also provide a veterinary magnetic resonance imaging (Vet MRI) service for domestic pets.
Our website details the services available at NeuroVet and introduces you to  our senior staff. We hope you find it of interest.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you seek more detailed information or wish to make an appointment for Ian Douglas to assess your pet.
Appointments are arranged by referral from your regular veterinarian.

To make an appointment - or merely inquire about services provided by NeuroVet - ​
please call 0416 - 022178 or email Ian Douglas